Twitter launches new interface with simpler navigation and better features

Twitter’s site is getting a noteworthy redesign. The organization has been trying another adaptation of its work area site since the start of the year, and today the last item is taking off to people in general. The updated experience streamlines route with another — and genuinely huge — left-hand sidebar that guides you to […]

WordPress sets out to Begin Implementing Auto-Update Older Sites to 4.7.

WordPress contributors from round theworld joined in a very spirited meeting yesterday to continue the discussion relating to the proposal to auto-update previous sites to version 4.7 in a controlled rollout. the thought is that sites would step by step update from one major version to future (not all at once). The discussion was junction […]

E-mail Marketing

Email marketing has to do with the use of email to get your marketing message to your targeted audience. Email marketing can be relevant and important tools in helping to grow your business especial in a world where one’s online presence is as important as their offline presence. One much-known form of email marketing is […]

Top 10 design tools

Every web designer requires the right tools to do their job, to create well crafted original designs and images. There are so many of web design tools available on internet for free or at low cost, which will help you to do your tasks easily and quickly. Here is the list of most popular web […]

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